Tenant & Landlord Representation


For most organizations, real estate represents a large expense, and supervising it requires multiple expertise, across multiple activities.

We can reduce your costs, mitigate your risks, and enhance the efficiency of your real estate, ultimately finding space for you that maximizes work flexibility and productivity.
Most importantly, we will provide you with the right occupancy solution to fit your complex needs, so that you’ll be in the right space at the right time, able to focus on what matters most - running a successful business.
Focus is concentrated on:
  • Market Overview
  • Site Analysis
  • Financial Analysis


We develop a customized approach and strategy for all our clients, working to maximize asset awareness, stabilize occupancy through leasing, tenant retention and co-tenancy strategies, achieve optimal rents, and enhance investment value.

We are experts at developing effective merchandising, creating property positioning and marketing campaigns, negotiating and managing the lease process. We realize your real estate objectives and investment criteria and develop relationships that result in long-term partnerships.
Focus is concentrated on:
  • Market assessment
  • Disposal & Pricing strategy
  • Targeting & Marketing
  • Negotiation & Legal advice

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