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About Us

APART is a boutique real estate consulting company, based in Munich, providing comprehensive, professional services to investment funds, developers and individuals.

With a deep expertise in the Greek and Cypriot real estate industry, we concentrate on exclusive property investment opportunities and realty projects, operating under the conditions of international mature markets.

Through a strategically selected network of experienced realtors and top-tier real estate agencies, as well as through our own business network, we manage to ensure access to a wide selection of prime-location assets and projects.

What is very important to remark is that the majority of the properties emerging through our business network are not marketed in public but are only available through our realty arm. Furthermore, our professional team is able to identify the best value for money in terms of development or acquisition opportunities that will accurately respond to our client's requests, while addressing all potential barriers – legal aspects, urban planning, construction requirements, etc. - which may arise.

Our purpose is simple: whatever your real estate challenge, we focus on developing strategies and creating solutions to achieve your goals and objectives. We strongly desire to establish ourselves as a reference point, for both sellers and buyers, as well as for individuals, real estate agents and intermediaries who wish to take advantage of our exclusive realty partnership.

  • ONE-STOP SHOP: person-centric, effective approach for bespoke solutions
  • EXPERTISE: in-depth real estate market and business knowledge
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: unswerving loyalty to client satisfaction


Our comprehensive, person-centric approach to realty business sets us apart from the other real estate companies. What we are proud of is that we have accomplished to differentiate, guided by our three fundamental characteristics:


Greek islands for all tastes

Greece islands are a favourite destination for real estate investments among European countries as they offer stunning properties together with a fantastic Mediterranean nature and lifestyle. Air routes are constantly improving, making Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos, Zakynthos and Santorini even more accessible.

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Luxury at its best

According to TripAdvisor, two of the most astonishing luxury villas in the world are located in Greece, namely on Santorini and Crete islands. Why? Simply put, here you will find beaches among the finest in the world, top-quality amenities and an incomparable hospitality.

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Case study: Athens riviera on display

Glyfada is a beautiful suburb of Athens, located just 15 kilometres from the centre. Marinas, luxury shops and an intense night life make Glyfada a year-round seaside centre that attracts not only Athenians, but a lot of travellers and foreigners looking for an exciting place to live. A half-hour drive from the centre and you find yourself in the most glamorous area of the Greek capital: sport and fitness activities, shopping, bathing, great food and interesting people are there to be discovered.

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Attractive investment trends

Non-Greek investors show a growing confidence in real estate market in Greece, having injected more than 500 million euros in 2017, according to the Bank of Greece data. The areas that witness a significant growth are not only the islands, but also the Attica region.

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Geostrategic locations for business

Greece represents an incredible opportunity for international business investments since it offers industrial and commercial real estate assets with competitive costs, together with a convenient position at the crossroad between Europe, Middle East and Africa. Logistics, trade and energy distribution are some of the sectors contributing the most to the country’s development.

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